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Our company’s history is the story of commitment.

The manager, Vojo Jovičić, established the company after many years of experience. He gained knowledge by working in a steelwork factory, shared it with younger generations at Jesenice High School, and after careful consideration decided to found his own business.

Together with his team he moved from a garage in Zgornji Plavž to the new business premises on Prešeren Street, where the craft with three employees grew into the company KOV Ltd. Today we employ over 50 people. In 2015 we renovated the area of the old cold mill and steel wire plant, as well as extended our business on the renewed 2600 m2 additional area.

Nothing is impossible.

A successful company is a mosaic of great individuals and good business partners. Each product carries a personal mark as it is made under a watchful eye of a highly skilled expert, who ensures adequacy and accuracy. We do not shy away from new challenges and always take care of our clients’ demands. We are proud that 2020 marks the 25th year of our successful story.

Our business partners strengthen our brand.

Our position is enhanced with a high level of reliability and a careful monitoring of the whole production process: design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Our enviable references on the domestic market are even further promoted by taking on projects of foreign business partners. As a result, a third of our turnover is exported to Austria, Italy, Germany and Russia.


We produce top quality products for demanding business partners. We have ensured a varied product line through successful cooperation in the past, which encompasses everything from manufacturing steel constructions, welding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, engineering, manufacturing complex machine parts to designing, for which we were awarded SIST EN 1090-2 and EN ISO 3834-2 certificates. Our rich machine park is complemented by hard work, fearlessness and the knowledge of individuals who are responsible for planning, manufacturing and installation. The production monitoring system enables process control, which ensures quality.


Manufacturing and installation



As an outsourced company we provide maintenance of our business partners’ production lines. Maintenance includes a visit to the site, careful planning and overseeing the work process. Our team carries out a complete overhaul in a relatively short time set by the contractors, which is why safety always comes first. Unforeseen obstacles in production lines are overcome within the shortest possible period.

Examination and control


Manufacturing and overhauls


We take our clients’ investments seriously. They play an important role in our development, therefore, we plan them together in detail. We constantly seek innovation in our field, invest a large part of our funds into employee training, as well as upgrade our own production. We maintain a highly trained staff by offering scholarships and practical training for the students of Jesenice High School.



Innovations and training

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