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We stand together

KOV Ltd. is a product of dedication to our profession and a continuous quest for new challenges. Our employees represent the company’s greatest value as they enhance the brand’s identity with their knowledge and membership. We pay great attention to bringing together knowledge from our field and taking care of the development of our partners.

We are used to hard work

The process of our work is intense. Each client is treated individually. They are assigned a project manager, who stays with them throughout the whole process, from the initial concept stage to the final manufacture.


We do not hire part time workers, as we want our employees to feel as part of our company. We fill the workforce gap in the metal industry by offering scholarships and apprenticeships. In our desire to acquire new skills, we ensure regular training for our employees, which leads to an improvement in production as well as enables the manufacturing of complex steel constructions, welded products, our own NDT weld inspection etc. This is how we keep ahead of competition.


In our desire to carry out work quickly and efficiently, we regularly upgrade our capacities with new machines. Our rich machine park includes travelling cranes, the latest turning machines, bending and milling machines, and modern welding and rolling equipment. In addition, all machinery operates within the framework of the guidelines and legal standards. Enter into the production area.

  • Travelling cranes (6x):
    From 3 to 15 tons
  • Horizontal turning machines:
    Φ = 900 (Φ = 1250); Max. Length = 6000 mm
    Φ = 800 (Φ = 520); Max. Length = 3000 mm
    Φ = 500 (Φ = 380); Max. Length = 2500 mm
    Φ = 300; Max. Length = 2500
  • Milling machine:
    (X x Y x Z) = 500 x 300 x 250
  • Slotting machine:
    H = 600
  • Horizontal drilling/milling machines:
    (X x Y x Z) = 3000 x 2000 x 1250 table load bearing capacity 12 tonnes)
    (X x Y x Z) = 1800 x 1250 x 650 table load bearing capacity 3 tonnes)
  • Bending machines:
    Bending force of 400T, length of 4000 mm
    Bending force of 120T, length of 3000 mm
  • Rolling machines:
    Thickness up to 25 mm; Width of 2000 mm
    Thickness up to 8mm; Width of 1500 mm
  • Shearing Machines:
    Thickness up to 10 mm; Length of 3000 mm
    Thickness up to 10 mm; Length of 3000 mm
  • Plasma cutter:
    Cutting power up to 40 mm
  • Welding machines (10x):
    400 A; pulse variant
  • Welding machines (3x):
    400 A; TIG process


There have been significant developments in the manufacture of metal constructions. All producers are required to have a certified internal control of production in accordance with the Act on Construction Products. We as well needed to follow the changes in the legislation. As a result, we obtained certificates SIST EN 1090-1:2009 (EXC 3) and SIST EN ISO 3834 in 2014. In doing so, the company KOV Ltd. complies with the strict requirements for the control system, consequently allowing us to CE mark our steel constructions.


One of the formulas for our business success is that we reinvest our profit into the company, as well as aim for fair business relationships and respect competition.

Janez Mulej

Work Preparation Manager

Tomislav Šegan

Head of Finance and Accounting

Roman Slivnik

Production Manager

Anže Mrak


4600 m2+ of own production facilities.

We employ over 50 people.

1/3 of products are exported.

We support and donate locally.

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